How does MusicFy work?

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2019 02:18PM CDT
  1. Create your user account and your company profile

  2. Upload your business plan. In case you don’t have it, we recommend format.

  3. Based on the business plan we will create a startup valuation (17 pages). We provide a free business valuation. Here is how the valuation report will look like.

  4. Create your Offering page on

  5. Anybody that owns more than 20% in the startup and the executive team has to do a "bad actor" check. Here is how the SEC defines it. There is a cost for each "control person."

  6. Create your investor pitch. We provide pitch suggestions on our website and other external resources.

  7. Create your video pitch. One of your strongest selling points.

  8. Open an escrow account with Our Third Party Qualified Escrow.

  9. Once your business plan and valuation are complete we can help you with these points:

    1. Use of funds

    2. Offering  Statement (see sample and instructions in this Dropbox file). Includes Reviewed Financials

    3. Prepare From C offline (find the file here) and file via EDGAR.

      1. ​​ Apply for EDGAR access and file the Form C

  10. When all steps are done, we will turn your offering live. CONGRATS!

  • It is critical that you have a decent crowd already aware about your offering so they will pledge right away. Start in advance to communicate about your company and your service/product, through social media, your website, blogs and so on.

  • Once your offering is live, invite your social media contacts to your Profile Page on MusicFy. Make sure you include your page URL in your post/message.

  •  If potential investors are interested in following your offering, you have the possibility to approve them, or not, after checking their profile.

  • Engage with investors on your offering’s Twitter-like communication channel. Answer their questions and concerns. Analyze suggestions and feedback. They might be valuable. 

  • Your information will be made publicly available for a minimum of 21 days period before any securities are sold in the offering, during this time you might accept investment commitments. 


Few steps need to be completed before being able to invest.

1. Create your investor account. 

2.  Browse and follow offerings. When you find a company, you would like to invest in confirm your interest by following the offering. By following the offering, you will receive updates and get in touch with the entrepreneurs and other investors.

3. Complete personal information. To be able to invest you will have to provide the information allowing us to verify your identity.

4. Complete financial information by linking your banking account to your investor account.

5. Add money to your investor account. You need to fund your investment account before you can invest. When you invest a certain amount, the money will be moved from your investment account to an escrow account. After investing, you can remove the pledge for any reason until 48 hours before the deadline established by the issuer. If the funding goal is not reached, your funds will be returned to your investment account so you can invest in another offering(s) or withdraw (ACH-ed back to you checking account).

6. When the equity crowdfunding campaign ends successfully, your investment portfolio will be updated on your MusicFy account. Within 15 days, the Stock Transfer Agent employed by the entrepreneur will send you the share certificates.

7. You should continue to interact with the entrepreneur and the other investors through the Offering’s Q&A and stay updated regarding the company's activity.

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